Welch Allyn 72200 equivalent battery



Our Model 72200 battery is proudly Made in the USA, AND CARRIES A FULL TWO-YEAR WARRANTY!! This is an ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW Model 722 Rechargeable 3.5 volt (72200) Battery for use in the following Welch Allyn rechargeable handles: #71000, #71010, #71015, #71020, #71050, #71051, #71054, #71055 and #71670. Each battery comes individually packaged. Our Model 72200 Battery has a 1600mAh capacity, not the 600mAh most generic brands offer. OUR BATTERY WILL HOLD IT'S CHARGE FOR ALMOST 80% LONGER THAN THEIRS, AND OURS WILL USUALLY LAST FOR FIVE YEARS OF RECHARGING vs THEIR 12 - 24 MONTHS.

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