ANTARES- S4OPTIK’s new corneal topographer with advanced tear-film analysis. Boasting a new high resolution digital colour camera and advanced algorithms, to bring you user friendly, full featured Corneal Topographic data, TBUT analysis, as well as MGD analysis. Expand your Dry Eye practice and benefit from comprehensive Advanced Corneal Analysis. S4OPTIK ANTARES, above and beyond the conventional corneal topographer.


• Corneal Topography
• Contact lens fitting with Autofit
• Keratoconus screening with classification
• Dynamic view of non-invasive break-up time
• Tear Meniscus Height Imaging and Measurement
• Interference Pattern Imaging of Lipid Layer
• Imaging of the Tear Film Dynamics (Video)
• Fluorescein Imaging
• Meibomian Glands Imaging and Analysis

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