At Chicago Ophthalmic Services, we have 25 plus years of combined experience servicing ophthalmic equipment. We offer reliable, timely and economic repairs of a variety of new and discontinued equipment, including, but not limited to Exam Chairs and Stands, Phoropters, Slit Lamps, Keratometers, Hand-helds, BIO’s, Auto Lensmeters, AutoRefractors, Non-Contact Tonometers, Goldman Tonometers, Tono-Pens and many more. 

  • We service all major brands such as: Haag Streit, Marco, Topcon, Reliance, Reichert, Woodlyn, Burton and more.


We can provide loaner equipment to minimize downtime for your office.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Preventative Maintenance of ophthalmic equipment is highly critical to ensure a safe standard and prolonged life avoiding costly repairs. It is recommended that all equipment instruments receive periodic inspections, cleaning and recalibration (if necessary) anywhere between 8-12 months depending on usage.

Practice Moving, Office Relocation Consulting, Layout Strategy and Equipment Set Up Solutions.

  • Chicago Ophthalmic Services also offers experienced moving and set up options to assure the move to your new office goes smoothly. Our skilled technicians can securely move your fragile ophthalmic equipment. We will disconnect, pack up, transport and set up your optometric or ophthalmic equipment, such as an Autorefractor, at the new location making this process as pain free and simple as possible.