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4 Mirror Flange
4 Mirror No Flange
4 Mirror No Flange with Handle
Save $120
Applanation Tonometer Model A800Applanation Tonometer Model A800
Save $85
Applanation Tonometer Model Z800Applanation Tonometer Model Z800
Applanation Tonometer Prism TipApplanation Tonometer Prism Tip
Bulb for Topcon Slit Lamp
Burton 835 Platinum Slit Lamp (Pre-Owned)Burton 835 Platinum Slit Lamp (Pre-Owned)
Burton BARK-80 Autorefractor/KeratometerBurton BARK-80 Autorefractor/Keratometer
COS 24" HD Visual Acuity System.COS 24" HD Visual Acuity System.
COS AL-E35 Autolensometer.COS AL-E35 Autolensometer.
COS Elite Manual LensometerCOS Elite Manual Lensometer
COS SL-Z Slit LampCOS SL-Z Slit Lamp
CSO Digital Camera HRCSO Digital Camera HR
Save $1,245
CSO Digital Ready Slit Lamp SL-9900 Elite ( No Camera)CSO Digital Ready Slit Lamp SL-9900 Elite ( No Camera)
CSO Digital Slit Lamp SL-9900 EliteCSO Digital Slit Lamp SL-9900 Elite
DirectView 1 Mirror No Flange
DirectView 1 Mirror SLT Flange
DirectView 3 Mirror
DirectView 3 Mirror No Flange
DirectView Capsulotomy
DirectView Fundus
DirectView Iridectomy / Iridotomy

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