Unicos Digital Refractor UDR-800 Including Acuity Chart ULC-900



The new digital refractor UDR 800, features a wider and clearer screen on 8” TFT COLOR LCD improves data recognition, so that allowing more accurate visual test possible. Also, inputs eye-test information without lens operation, and offers PRESET function that put in the lenses at once. Including digital chart Unicos ULC-900


  • Monocular PD measurement
  • Worldwide various chart support
  • LCD monitor tilting and screen reversal function
  • Embedded printer
  • Help and real-time guide function
  • Near-distance vision chart
  • Near-distance vision chart bar
  • LCD monitor tiliting degree 240°
  • Operating test data through jog dial
  • Forehead fixing dial VD control dial
  • Leveler, horizontal controller, face protector
  • A/S functions by USB port

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