Topcon KR-8900 Autorefractor/Keratometer (Pre-Owned)



Topcon KR-8900 Autorefractor Keratometer represents Topcon’s latest generation of automatic refraction technology. The KR-8900 maintains Topcon’s core accuracy by using our regular rotary prism technologies, while adding on new features, such as a fall and close attribute on the printer and an improved overall layout for superior individual interaction. This requires just a couple of seconds and provides the physician with an objective (without you having to answer any questions) measurement of your prescription. This is a great location for the doctor to start the conclusion of your proper glasses prescription.

The Topcon KR-8900 represents the latest generation of automated refraction technology. The Topcon KR-8900 Autorefractor Keratometer asserts Topcon’s core precision by using the company’s standard rotary prism technologies, while adding on new features, such as a drop and close attribute to the printer and an enhanced overall design for superior patient interaction.

Key Features 
– Rotary Prism measurement for enhanced accuracy
– Refractive and keratometric measurements through pupils as small as 2mm!
– New compact, stylish design saves space and enhances patient interaction
– Easy-to-read color LCD
– Autofire mode for fast, reliable data collection
– Seamless connection to other Topcon instruments
– Built-in printer

  • Color liquid crystal display screen
    Measurement results and setting information are displayed on an easy-to-view color screen.
  • Incorporated rotary prism measuring system
    The rotary prism measurement system unique to TOPCON assures high measurement accuracy.
  • Measurable minimum pupil diameter is 2.0mm
    Pupils of aged people and people with long eyelashes can be measured easily.
  • Compact and Stylish Design
    The compact footprint can save space and add functionality to the contemporary eye care practice with a smaller optical head and an ergonomically positioned screen.
  • Easy-to-load printer
    The easy-to-load printer enables simple maintenance. Just drop the paper roll into the holder.
  • Cornea diameter measurement
    Corneal diameter can be measured during testing, and the image can be recalled later.

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