Topcon CL-100 Autolensometer (Pre-Owned)



he CL-100 measures all types of extremely fast and with precision and automatically senses multi-focal lenses with a "prompt" icon that makes operation easier while the unique graphic display guides the operator through the neutralization process. Standard features of the CL-100 include a unique marking device with ink cartridges that provide clear marking, even on coated lenses. Measurements of hard or even soft contact lenses are also available. You can also transfer data between instruments using a cable. This allows for uploads to the CV system or communication to the 8000 SUPRA Series auto refractors. Additional Features Real-Time Target Display for Faster Measurements Larger Target Displays Real-Time Right/Left Transition Axis Power Adjustable to 5º Steps for Easier Measurement Diopter Accuracy Capability

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