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The Italian made 9900‐series slit lamp with vertical illumination column, vertical slit diffusion,
slit orientation from 0 to 180 degrees, slit height from 0 to 12mm, cobalt blue,
neutral, grey 10%, red‐free, and heat absorbing filters, with converging optics and
magnification of 10x and 16x, optional eyepieces available for 16x and 26x


Crafted in Europe, SL-9900 LED 2X slit lamps deliver clear, precise ocular observation for the clinician. These slit lamps are an essential component for today’s modern office, providing value, ease of use and reliability. The SL-9900 LED 2X Slit Lamp features a tower illumination design with 2-magnification converging optics. The SL-H2’s easy to position mechanism and pleasurable optics will enhance your slit lamp examinations.

Utilizing the latest techniques in multi layered anti-reflective coatings, CSO slit lamps deliver stunning optical quality allowing clear visualization and depth of field, right down to the smallest detail. Our optics are crafted to deliver a 20% increase in optical transmission and a 10% increase to the depth of field. Comfortable converging binoculars allow fusion of image to be achieved easily and maintained effortlessly. All  models come standard with a built-in yellow filter for enhanced cobalt blue visualization. Small details that are often missed, become readily evident with this yellow filter in place.

Precision machining and European craftsmanship delivers silk smooth base movements for effortless positioning and fine detail work. Quality materials ensure longevity of performance and superior return on your investment. A base mounted rheostat to control slit illumination is standard for optimal ease of use. This convenient positioning allows effortless, yet precise control of slit illumination.


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