CSO SL‐9900 Elite- LED- Digital Ready Slit Lamp



9900 Series slit lamp with vertical illumination column, vertical slit diffusion
slit orientation from 0 to 180 degrees, slit height from 0 to 12mm, cobalt blue,
neutral, grey 10%, red‐free, and heat absorbing filters, with Galilean converging
optics and magnification of 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x – digital enhancements include
in‐built yellow fluorescein filter, background illumination via fiber optic system,
right/left sensor for automatic position detection during image acquisition.

The new DV-1 Digital Vision Imaging Module seamlessly connects with the H5 ELITE HD slit lamp to provide brilliant imaging at
the press of a button. Professional quality still images and video sequences can be acquired effortlessly.
Optimized for ocular imaging, the DV-1’s combination of 2MP image size and fast frame rate present
smooth video observation and impressive depth of colour imaging.

Digital Imaging Beam Splitter ‐ ELITE
Description: USB3 ‐ One‐piece beam splitter with in‐built digital camera system;
includes Phoenix image management software. (Does not include CPU)

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