COS Elite Manual Lensometer



The COS Elite Manual Lensometer is well suited for measuring soft and hard contact lenses as well as conventional spectacle lenses. The Elite Lensometer is a compact deluxe manual lens measurement model with a full 90‑degree inclination, which facilitates the measurement of contact lenses when used in the vertical position.

    • Type Ocular type; external reading
    • Target American Cross-line
    • Vertex Power Range: +25 to -25 diopters Step: 0.125 diopters up to ±3 diopters 0.25 diopters beyond ±3 diopters
    • Cylindrical Axis Range: 0 to 180 degrees Step: 1 degree
    • Prismatic Power Range: 5 prism diopters in field of view (20 prism diopters by prism compensator) Step: 1 prism diopter
    • Eyepiece Focusing +5 to -5 diopters
    • Diameter of Lenses Accommodated 24 to 90mm

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