DLR-800 Autolensometer



The NEW DLR-800 is one the most accurate digital lensmeter on market today under the hartmann principle. Measures refractive and prism power of the lens of eyeglasses and contact lenses, managed by user friendly interface that makes observation more intuitive, simple, and clear makes operation easier.

The DLR-800 features a 7 inch LCD touch monitor display with full touch panel, designed to view and tilt 110° for all user convenience. Also, highlights a flexible adjustable lens reader (without the use of ABBE number) enabled by a centering indicator, showcased by diagram marks on the screen to adjust the optical center of lens.


  • 7.0 Inches color LTD monitor touchscreen

  • Built-in focus distribution terrain function

  • Optical center Marking

  • Displaying the PH value in screen

  • Measures progressive lens accurately and quickly

  • PD measuring instruments

  • Built in QR printing capability without paper

  • USB Connector


  • Single, Double, Triple vision lens
  • Measures colored lens with 10% transmittance
  • Measures high index lens
  • Measures far vision ranges
  • Measures lens with frames
  • Measures Progressive Lens (PPL)
  • Measures non-edgered lens
  • Prism Lens measurement
  • Dioptric profile measurement
  • Initial UV and blue light measurement interface

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