COS SL-Z Slit Lamp



COS SL-Z Slit Lamp Microscope is a cost-effective solution yet providing everything necessary for a thorough eye exam.

The COS SL-Z is an exceptional slit lamp with limitless possibilities. Galilean Converging optics and built in illumination combine to allow for superb quality imaging with this Carl Zeiss Style unit. The SL-Z offers crisp, wide-field views no matter how complicated or detailed your examinations may be. Three-position drum magnification offers total magnification ratios equivalent to 10x (∅22mm), 16x (∅13.5mm) and 25x (∅8.5mm) with the 12.5x eyepiece. The GR-7 also comes equipped with three built-in illumination filters. An excellent field of view with four available aperture adjustments and continuous slit rotation will bring clarity to your exam routine. Best of all, the SL-Z can be outfitted with optional accessories, including a beamsplitter, video, camera adapter and tonometer. Assembled entirely with high quality components—including aluminum gears and bronze joints—the offers incomparable durability and excellent performance, making it a smart choice for any ophthalmic practice. LED or Halogen light source option.

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