IBEX Wireless LED Binocular Indirect



Wireless BIO Product Specifications

Type Converging Binocular
Optics High-Constast
Apertures 1.2mm, 2.2mm, 3.2mm and 4.2mm
Filters Cobalt Blue, Red-Free (Green), Yellow
Wide Angle Lens Diffusing Lens
Small Pupil Convergence Control Bottom Lever
Flip-Up Optical Position Yes
Rubber Eyecaps Yes
Dustproof Housing Yes
Light source LED
Color Temperature 3,800(K)
Maximum Brightness (lux) up to 2,600 lux
Rheostat Location Headband – Side Mount
Lightbeam Adjustment Vetical Mirror (+ or – 4 degrees)
Rheostat Output Control (ROCTM) yes
LED Lifespan (estimated) up to 20,000 hours
Battery Type Dual-Lithium-polymer (Built-In)
Run Time up to 18 Hours
Run Time (25% illumination) 18 Hours
Run Time (50% illumination) 12 Hours
Run Time (100% illumination) 6 Hours
Quick Recharge 1 Hour = 26% Recharge
100% Recharge 4.5 Hours
Battery Charger Plug-In Transformer
Mobile Battery Pack (Optional) Not Needed
Scleral Depressor yes
Teaching Mirror yes
Mini Hand-Carry Case yes


Stimulating Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy.. Just a Bit!

Born from the milestones achieved with our advanced IBEX binocular indirect Ophthalmescopy, we’ve applied many of the same advances in tissue observation to the new IBEX
Wireless LED BIO. The optical system integrates sophisticated lenses and light enhancing lens coatings to deliver pure light transmission, stunning clarity and effortless stereoscopic fusion.

Pushing ahead, the LED creates a high-contrast 3700K color temperature that delivers white homogeneous light and substantial gains in tissue observation. Such gains were once difficult, if not impossible to carry out with conventional illumination. Coupled with specialized electronics, physicians have an expanded range of low intensity illumination to truly dial-in illumination, create contrast and differentiate tissue.

The wireless power system enables fast, convenient exams without being tethered to wires. With rapid battery recharging and a battery life second to none, stay unplugged all day – even for weeks — without recharging thanks to IBEX’s custom dual-lithium batteries.

It’s breakthrough technology in high-contrast viewing of the optic nerve, macula, retina and vitreous. A next step in continuing the important area of ophthalmoscopy (fundoscopy).

Breakthrough Color Temperature

Simply stated, IBEX’s LED driven 3700K color temperature breaks the barriers of conventional indirect observation. The homogenous radiant white light delivers a host of observation gains including enhanced tissue fluorescence, better tissue differentiation, increased depth of field and shadow reduction – the latter is especially useful during increasingly popular indirect illumination.

Not familiar with color temperature? Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light, usually warm (yellowish), daylight (white) or cool (bluish). It’s measured in degrees of Kelvin (°K). During the past ten years the evolution of LED lighting and specifically the ability to dial in specific color temperatures has greatly enhanced today’s high-end operating microscopes, slit lamps and indirects.

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes color temp

Superb Light Efficiency

One of the most significant advances in lens design during recent years is the improvement in lens coating technology. Today’s lens coatings have the ability to greatly enhance the way the optics reflect and transmit light.

IBEX lenses embrace these new advances. Coupled with meticulous testing and painstaking fine tuning of coatings, layer thicknesses and refractive indices, light loss is reduced to a minimum while brightness is increased 20% to 60% within the visible spectral range as compared to bare illumination. This provides robust, homogeneous luminescence and virtually faultless, sharp viewing free of chromatic aberration.

Electronics: Behind the Scenes

IBEX’s engineering team developed sophisticated electronics especially for the IBEX LED slit lamps and indirect. The electronics ensure that the LED delivers constant illumination, free of the fluctuations common to conventional illumination systems. From the band-gaps within the semiconductor diodes (LEDs) to maintaining an amazing less than 3% color variance when moving from minimum to maximum intensity, you can rest assured that the IBEX slit lamp is working to optimize your exams.

Wireless Freedom

Break through the limitations of wired examinations. Simply charge and unplug your Ibex BIO and go! Stay unplugged all day, every day – even for weeks – thanks to the long-life dual-lithium rechargeable batteries. And when the time comes to recharge, simply plug the charger tip into the BIO and recharge in as little as 2 hours. The illuminated LED fuel gauge on back of the unit will let you know when it’s fully charged and also when it’s time to recharge.

IBEX Wireless Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Rheostat

Extended Range of Low Intensity Illumination

Sometimes customers get exactly what they want. During clinical testing of early version test units, one of our most insightful clinical evaluators asked if it would be possible to provide more control of low intensity illumination. Why? The physician pointed out the fact that the new BIO had exceptional illumination, but maybe too much too early in the rheostat, and suggested that we provide significantly more “low illumination” control early in the rheostat.
Our engineers got to work and made it happen, extending the low intensity rheostat range by 30%. Today the BIO not only delivers the industry’s brightest illumination, but also exceptional light control at your fingertips.

Extraordinary LED Illumination

The single element LED is an evolution in engineering. With high-contrast color temperature, impressive color rendering and exceptional illumination range of 24,420 lux to more than 1,000,000 lux, the IBEX LED is exceptional during direct, indirect and diffuse illumination. With excellent ventilation and the latest heat managing materials, the IBEX LED is designed to operate with consistency for 10,000-20,000 hours, virtually eliminating downtime due to spent illumination sources.

To help improve patient comfort and safety during higher intensity observation, we’ve minimized the beam temperature and radiant energy by 80%-90%, as compared to tungsten and halogen illumination.


Blue Light Filter - Slit Lamp - at IBEXeye.com

Safety First – The Elimination of UV, IR, and Blue Light Components

While the human eye is specifically designed to sense a small portion of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum (i.e. visible light), it is also susceptible to damage when exposed to high energy levels across the EM spectrum. IBEX’s illumination system utilizes a combination of proprietary technologies to block dangerous infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), and blue light within the Blue Light Hazard Range. These breakthroughs in UV, IR, and blue light substantially reduce retinal irradiation during retinal visualization.

The Environment

LED illumination and binocular indirect ophthalmoscope not only provides a superior platform for our engineers to carry out highly customized and very specific performance standards, it also reflects our commitment to efficiency and reducing waste. Designed to last more than 10,000 hours, when compared to conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs that typically last 60-90 hours, there really is no comparison.

The LED converts 80% of electrical power into light, with minimal heat production. In contrast, tungsten (incandescent) and halogen light convert only 20% of the electrical energy to light — the rest is lost to heat.

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes at IBEXeye.com

Total Cost of Ownership

Not only did we insist on delivering one of the most sophisticated indirects to ever enter the market, from day one it was clear that the microscope would be built to last and provide years of outstanding performance. Certainly, while the price one pays up front matters, we’re well aware of the fact that physicians give smart consideration to many factors prior to purchase, including but not limited to performance, dependability, warranty, ease of transaction and trust in the manufacturer. The bottom line is this, with IBEX all physicians can work with sophisticated, modern technology and appreciate a far superior total cost of ownership.

Three-Year Comprehensive Warranty

IBEX technologies are guaranteed for thirty-six months against faulty workmanship, materials or factory assembly. The Warranty is a Return-To-Base (RTB) Basis at the cost of the customer. All parts and services rendered are included at no additional cost to the customer and in most cases the work is completed within 2-3 working days. The IBEX LED is designed to operate with consistency for 15,000-20,000 hours of continuous use and therefore is considered as a non-consumable item. In the unlikely event of LED failure within or after the warranty period, please contact us for a replacement.

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