Elite Slit Lamp COS-5F



Product Features:

  • Schott optic lenses from Germany are used to reduce optical distortion and increase clarity and depth of focus.

  • Converging stereoscope microscope provides clear images.

  • Optical effect is maintained by multi-layer coating treatment of moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-reflecting cote on lenses.



Microscope Type

Galileo magnification changer with converging

Magnification Change

Switch zoom


10x, 16x


(Field of View)

10x eyepiece: 10x(φ18 mm), 16x( φ14.5 mm )

16x eyepiece: 16x( φ11.25 mm ), 25.6x( φ9 mm )
Pupilary Adjustment

10x eyepiece: 55 mm~82 mm

16x eyepiece: 51 mm~78 mm

Diopter Adjustment

10x eyepiece: ±8D

16x eyepiece: ±10D

Slit Illumination
Slit Width

continuously variable from 0 ~9 mm adjustable(at 9 mm, slit becomes a circle )

Slit Height

continuously variable from 1 mm~8 mm

Slit Angle

0°~180° ( continuously adjustable both vertical and horizontal)

Slit Inclination

5°, 10°, 15°, 20°

Aperture Diameter

φ9mm, φ8mm, φ5mm, φ3mm, φ2mm, φ1mm, φ0.2mm

Lamp 12V/30W Halogen bulb
Maximum Illuminance ≥220,000 Lx

Thermal safety, grey, red-free, cobalt blue


AC 220V /110V ±10%, 50Hz/ 60Hz


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