S4OPTIK Combo Chair & Stand Unit – Model 1000‐CB


Product Features:

Optimize space and functionality.
S4OPTIK Smart Combos offer affordable, space-saving chair and stand solutions.
• Enjoy smooth, virtually silent lifting with the S4OPTIK 1000-CH Examination Chair, featuring the Swiss-made KleenTech® lift system
• Offer comfort and flexibility with upholstered, individually retractable armrests
• Rely on solid construction for fully-supported ingress and egress
• Capacity up to 560lbs (254kg)
• Chair seat raises to 32.3” (82cm) and lowers to 20.5” (52.1cm)

Product Description

S4OPTIK Combo Chair & Stand Unit – Model 1000‐CB
Description: 1000‐CH “no recline” Examination Chair with foot pedal, Combo Stand with
counterbalanced Slit Lamp Arm with chair control, counterbalanced single lock Refractor
Arm, and low voltage Halogen Overhead Lamp. Console included with 3 recharging wells,
up/down/auto return control, BIO power source and light controls


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