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Product Features: 
Power measurement
Spherical lens power
-34.50 – +32.00D
0.25D step (0.125D/0.25D/1D)
Cylindrical power
-7 – +7D
0.25D step (0.25D/1D)
Cylinder axis
0 – 180°
5 steps (1°/5°/45°)
Prism power
0△ – 20△
0.5△ step (0.25△/0.5△/1△)
Cross cylinder
Auto cross cylinder : ±0.25D
Jackson cross cylinder : ±0.25D/±0.5D
Made in Japan

Righton Remote Vision II brochure


Product Description


Refractor (with / without LED)High-precision lenses and wider measuring range (-32D to +33D). The main body is 24% smaller than conventional model which allows for easier viewing of the patient. Hand-held remote control. Remote control unit offers individual keys for control of both refractor and charts. Using chart keys enables direct control of chart system.  Hand-held wireless remote control unit enables control of RV-II from 8 meters away, allowing operator to point directly to chart contents. Touch type table control unit. Can be used with both types of refractor or in combination with hand-held remote control unit.


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