Marco Refractor

Marco RT-300 Refractor



Product Description

• The ergonomic design of the RT-300 positions the accessory lens selection knob lower, next to the cylinder power / axis knob for convenient and more comfortable adjustments.
• With the accessory knob positioned lower, the convergence levers are more accessible for easier adjustments.
• Fully synchronized cross cylinder system with brass gearing is standard.
• “Sure-grip” knurls on all control knobs provide better feel and make them more comfortable to grasp.
• With a green lens and a red lens located in each accessory lens bank, the need for special red / green glasses is eliminated.
• Large, high-contrast numbers on the identification scales make them easy to read in subdued lighting.
• Fully additive coated lenses insure maximum visual clarity and minimum reflection and glare.
• Easy, quick-change patient face shields for easy cleaning.


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