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2500-CH Examination Chair

$4,690.00 $4,295.00

Product Features:

Automated Motorised Recline

Convenient Membrane Buttons

Strong, Yet Silent Power Lift

Intelligent Rotation/Lock

Sensible Height Control Locations

Examination Chair 2500CH-Brochure


Product Description

The S4OPTIK 2500-CH Fully Automatic Examination Chair is the perfect choice for today’s modern practice. Featuring a precision engineered motorized recline system extends from a seated to a supine position or any position in between. The 2500-CH Examination Chair also includes such features as convenient membrane buttons, a strong, yet silent Power Lift and Recline System, intelligent Rotation Lock, robust Foot Rest, functional Armrests, sensible Height Control locations, and an improved articulating Headrest design.

Precision engineered Motorised Auto Recline System extends from seated to supine position or any position in between.

Recline, return or stop: all are achieved easily by a simple press of a membrane switch mounted on both sides of the chair.

strong, yet silent POWER LIFT & RECLINE SYSTEM
Powered with Swiss designed linear actuator for smooth and virtually silent lifting, capable of 500lb (227 kg) capacity. The chair seat raises to 32” (81.2cm) and lowers to 24” (60.9cm).

intelligent ROTATION/LOCK
Foot actuated Rotation Lock provides a firm positive lock. Accessible from both sides of the chair, our unique design eliminates operator bending or reaching.

Height adjustment controls accessible from the slit lamp arm, stand console (when paired with a S4OPTIK Instrument Stand), or movable foot switch.

functional ARMRESTS
Upholstered armrests are individually retractable for maximum flexibility. Solid construction provides safe support for ingress/egress.

convenient FOOT CONTROL
Robust foot switch provides raise/lower control for chair height adjustment. advanced HEADREST Single handed control for easy positioning of the Headrest, insuring head and neck support. Engineered for a positive, non-slip lock in any location.

robust FOOT REST
A large, broad and stable foot rest provides safe and easy ingress/egress. Easily able to withstand the full weight of the patient and conveniently retracts when not required.



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